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Parley Policy Initiative offers a platform for academics, researchers, and practitioners to share their insights, perspectives, and expertise. These publications are separated into three categories:


Short essays including exploration of a single issue or idea, commentary, and profiles of practitioners past and present.


These scholarly articles offer an in-depth examination of issues related to negotiation, crisis management, peacemaking, or postwar policy.


PPI offers primers aimed at supporting researchers and practitioners in their own endeavors.

Interested in Contributing?

Eligible Contributors

We welcome all English language submissions and are especially interested in content from young scholars and practitioners that are new to the writing world.

If you choose to submit, please also let us know in a few words in your e-mail why you are the right person to write about your topic.


We highly recommend pitching your ideas before writing. Please contact us with the following information:

  • Category 

  • Topic

  • Why you are an appropriate person to write about that topic

  • What you want the audience to get out of your publication

Editorial Review

All submissions undergo a review process. For articles and monographs, PPI reserves the right to submit it for a blind peer review. 


PPI reserves the right to copy-edit all submissions. If the editors believe more substantive revisions are necessary, they will return the document with comments and tracked changes.

PPI encourages submissions from writers whose primary language is not English. We believe that a more worldly perspective is important in diplomacy, negotiation, and peacemaking; therefore, we will work with authors to ensure submissions are publication-ready. 

Cables (600-2,000 words)

  • Op-ed style articles -OR- personal essays/profiles on real-world experience in any of PPI's focus areas

  • Hyperlinked citations, as appropriate

Articles (5,000-12,000 words, including footnotes)

  • Scholarly articles

  • Chicago-style footnotes and citations


  • Inquire for more details

How to Submit

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